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With over 22 years of experience in creating Christmas displays, JIT stands out for our more than different approach, always stepping out of the ordinary and giving birth to what has never been seen before. Our passion for design, product quality, and customer service drives us to constantly exceed our own expectations.

Our goal is to create authentic Christmas displays, true works of art, that generate awe and a unique and memorable experience, transforming their location into an iconic reference point, shared on social media and by every visitor. That’s why our products are present throughout Latin America; don’t hesitate to contact us.


At JIT, we are dedicated to offering our customers a unique and superior experience, encompassing different styles and always seeking to create what’s new, what’s coming. Visit our showroom and experience JIT Christmas firsthand.

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JIT was born in Argentina, and from this corner of the southern cone, works with much of


ARG +54 9 11  6504-7696

USA +1 (786) 543-4223


Instagram: jitchristmas