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Like in our beginnings, almost 20 years ago (Wow!); that JIT stills sets the pace in the creation of Christmas Display, simply we are different; what could I say…, with the director we have…

It is said, that we achieve the most authentic, professionally designed, and “Avant Garde” Christmas displays; the fact is that our displays start from design as the fundamental pillar of our creations…yes, our displays…

In addition to the materials that finish our products, it is primordial, good design and good material, plastics by molding, roto-molding and more, and obviously our service, PiPi CUCU*, how would we have lasted until here if not?

On the other hand, we generate Land Marks and SHOW; necessary for, blah, blah, blah…, blah, blah, blih…

Expression from the great Carlos Monzon, former middleweight champion of the world, while closing a speech in France, “PIPÍ CUCU” instead of Merci Bocu. Nowadays used to describe perfection, what a lovely use of imperfection!
Added to the French dictionary by petition of “Universite de la Sorbonne” Paris, France.


Open from February to October.
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JIT was born in Argentina, but in addition to being present at the national level, it also works in much of America.


ARG +54 11 4767 0016

ARG +54 11 4847-1504