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How we work

Get to know our new agile and effective work methodology that will allow you to buy or rent the next
Christmas decoration in your establishment.



Our site will allow you to easily select the product or program of your choice. Each product or program
has a short technical sheet, which will provide you with the most relevant data. Once your order has
been confirmed, you will have access to the manual for the selected product to download in PDF

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Once you have chosen the program, once you have consulted the stock or the manufacturing time, it
is time to reserve your product. To do so, you must pay a fee of 20% to reserve the program or
product and a deposit of 30%. This payment of 30% can be deferred, depending on the date of order.
The remaining 50% or final balance must be paid one week before the product leaves our warehouse.

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Once at the destination, the client in his role as CONSIGNATOR, should only manage the release of
the goods through his customs agent (this includes: payment of import duties, port charges, fees,
etc.). In the case of rent, logistics costs are doubled, since the costs for the return of the goods should
be added.

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We’re closer to enjoying the decor. It’s time for assembly! For this task you can choose:
1) Order from the mall’s maintenance team, consulting the assembly manuals. Our products are
designed to be assembled and disassembled very easily.
2) You can hire a suitable task group of your knowledge and trust.
3) Any of the previous options, hiring a JIT Christmas supervisor (the supervisor’s expenses and per
diem will be paid by the customer)

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